About Us

Welcome to Monachrom. A clothing brand focused on the plus-sized woman

Monachrom Plus sized Clothing
We love fashion and have a desire for every woman to dress her best. Monachrom gives women that opportunity by presenting our curated collection, including the latest fashion while ensuring a flattering fit for larger body types.

At Monachrom, we know quality and we do not compromise.


Monachrom clothing inspires, empowers, and lets every woman express their individuality and essence in class and comfort.

Monachrom makes shopping a fun experience by focusing on size availability for all.

Monachrom Plus Sized Clothing

Unlimited choices

We were frustrated by the limited choices for the curvier bodies out there and chose to change that.

At Monachrom, we have the classy, the casual, and the chic—a versatile collection for women of all ages, young and old alike. We invite you to experience the passion.

Bodies come in all sizes. Our clothing does, too.

If you have any queries about our products or would like to check availability of an item, please use the CONTACT US to get in touch.